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  • This is Exedia
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Our strategy is easy to explain but hard to follow. Talk to us about your needs and we will prepare a custom plan for enhancing your online presence. We don't frown at small jobs but we'd like to be challenged and entertained while working.

We will get to know you better than anyone else. We will understand your needs and desires. And we will not stop until we make sure that we understand one another better than a married couple celebrating their 50th anniversary.

You will take an integral part during the development process. You will be given access to our production environment. You will be able to submit remarks and ideas at all stages. You will be heard with attention and care.

What's the point of having the best campaign out there if the design doesn't match the marketing effort? We will hold your hand throught the deployment phase and make sure that all obstacles are easy to overcome and all goals - achieved.

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Who Are We?

A small team of organic-growth experts.

Exedia was created in 2007 by a core team of people who were (and still are) eager to excel and perform. Slowly but steadily, we have grown over the years and managed to develop a unique work style and ethic which are hard to follow, let alone exceed. We're here to stay, we're virulent, we're dedicated and focused.

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Who Loves Us?

We've worked with lots of people and companies, regardless of size or venue.

Exedia helped me clear my goals, define my launch schedule, and fine-tune my product. Thank you, wizards!

Michael BabanougaCEO & Founder - WhoIzIt

I never thought that my product could be advertised any better - thank you for being outside the box at all times.

Lucy FassbenderMarketing - Gamma Intl

Breaking into a new market is a nightmare - thank you, guys, for holding my hand and not letting go regardless.

Hugo IronsideCTO - Bristol & Bates Latin America


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